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Exploring Biodigital Convergence

What happens when biology and digital technology merge?


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Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.


Citizenship in Canada


Future of citizenship

A broad consensus on citizenship – who deserves it and the rights and responsibilities it entails – is a mainstay of democracy. This shared status promotes a point of identification that transcends regional and/or cultural distinctions and therefore promotes social cohesion.

Father playing with child


Dadfluencers here, there, and everywhere: masculinity and performative fatherhood

As of late 2019, ‘Dadfluencers’, both gay and straight, were having a significant cultural moment. Dad-related content is some of the most viral on the internet: Hashtags such as #Dadlife and #Fatherhood appear by the millions on social media, and a handful of social media-savvy dads are amassing millions of followers.

grey fluid


Forever and Ever: 3D-Printed Magnetic Liquids

In late July 2019, scientists at the University of Massachusetts developed a permanently magnetic liquid for the first time in the field of science.

Small toy robot holding a microphone


Robot Humour: Reaching for the Singu-hilarity

“Don’t you hate it when you are trying to solve the inverse kinematics equation and you get ‘Error 452 – No Solution Found.’ Don’t you hate it?” That’s the setup for a joke delivered by Jon the Robot at Singu-Hilarity, a comedy show featuring AI comedians and their creators.

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