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The Next Digital Economy

The Next Digital Economy promises to revolutionize value chains, and introduce a different model for the production and consumption of goods and services.

The Future of Work: Five Game Changers

Five key game changers that could disrupt work and employment for Canadians.

Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.




Uplift and the ‘grey ceiling’: the limits of provolution?

Several years ago, Swedish scientists selectively bred guppies to increase their brain size. In short order, they produced a new lineage with brains 9% larger than typical guppies.



Funky Fungal Headphones

A partnership between Finnish design studio Aivan, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and Aalto University has spawned the Korvaa headphones, made from bioengineered materials.The materials are designed to be easily recyclable or biodegradable.



This Device Reads Your Thoughts – and Answers Back

In the spring of 2018, researchers at MIT created AlterEgo, a wearable device capable of reading a person’s internal subvocalized monologue. When a person “speaks” in their mind, they produce almost undetectable muscle movements as if they are speaking aloud.

Automation Dairy Market


Automation for a less homogenised dairy market

Last year, a Dutch agricultural machine manufacturer released an on-farm automated dairy processing system. Lely’s “Orbiter” is a miniature processing plant that allows farmers to process milk directly from cow to bottle.

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