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Futures Week

Envisioning our future

May 31—June 2, 2022

This annual event allows policy and foresight practitioners both within and outside of government to explore the future, examine the changing policy landscape and the opportunities and challenges we might face, and discover how foresight informs decision making.

Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.

Latest from Policy Horizons


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The Future of Value

This paper explores how a suite of emerging and maturing technologies are enabling changes in the economy. It proposes that business operations can be described using one or more of 14 basic human activities. Each one represents a unique combination of characteristics including one or more of four scarcities: temporal, spatial, absolute, or artificial.


Significant disruptors

Futures Week 2021: Significant disruptors on the horizon

Policy Horizons’ Director General, Kristel Van der Elst, explores significant areas of change, and how the potential outcomes of those changes may alter our strategic landscape and systems.

Blog Posts

Elderly person holding television remote

Tune in! TVs connecting isolated seniors

Covid-19 drew attention to seniors and other high-risk populations who are affected by social isolation and loneliness. It also challenged conventional public health advice that these populations should participate more in community life by attending museums, choirs, clubs and other in-person activities.

Is Nixon’s failed moon landing speech real?

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A protein to replace your workout

A manual in braille: Autonomous vehicles

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