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Policy Horizons Canada uses foresight to help the federal government build stronger policies and programs in the face of an uncertain future.

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3D rendering of human head morphed with fractal paint on the subject of inner world, dreams, emotions, creativity, imagination and human mind

The Future of Sense-making

Sense-making drives what people think they know, how they make decisions, and how they behave. It is at the heart of challenges to communicating information in ways that reach Canadians. It also plays a key role in overall trust in government, with long-term implications for Canadians’ views on democratic institutions and science.

Policy Horizons is exploring how Canadians’ sense-making may change in the future.

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Elderly person holding television remote

Tune in! TVs connecting isolated seniors

Covid-19 drew attention to seniors and other high-risk populations who are affected by social isolation and loneliness. It also challenged conventional public health advice that these populations should participate more in community life by attending museums, choirs, clubs and other in-person activities.

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