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Future lives video series

These six short videos are a supplement to our Future Lives: Exploring life course transformations report and Future lives project. They introduce changes in six key life course components: care, education, living arrangements, reproduction, labour, and older adulthood.


Living arrangements

Broad transitions like ageing demographics are affecting where and how people live. Changes in lifestyle and living arrangements could then lead to greater (in)security and (in)stability over the life course.


More students are turning to alternatives to university, and college-based skills training and credentialization are on the rise. These changes could greatly affect the timing, nature, motivations, and outcomes of educational pursuits over the life course.

Older adulthood

As people live healthier, longer lives, many older adults are enjoying a period of renewed self-discovery later in life. Changes in how people spend their time, and how and where they live during this life stage could affect decisions made earlier in the life course.


People are becoming parents later in life and through non-traditional means. Changes in the who, what, where, why, and when of reproduction could affect entire life trajectories.


A shortage in paid and unpaid care is intersecting with an increased disease burden across the life course. This could lead to unequal outcomes for both caregivers and care recipients, depending on their stage in the life course.


People’s mindsets about labour (paid and unpaid) are shifting. Changes to the roles of labour and leisure could alter the balance of time devoted to work, social relationships, and leisure over the life course.