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Horizons Talks: Building back better: Trends and future possibilities in the post-COVID Economy

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The Horizons Talks speaker series brings experts from Canada and around the world to share their forward-looking research and ideas with public servants.

How can countries leverage global transformations for achieving higher and better quality growth? Margareta’s presentation will build on her work on the UN’s Future Possibilities Report 2020, and present a practical approach to how countries can reap opportunities created by global transformations to achieve higher growth and societal objectives in the post-COVID economy.



Dr Margareta Drzeniek

Dr Margareta Drzeniek is Managing Partner of Horizon Group and a globally recognized expert on economic development, innovation, competitiveness, international trade, and global risks.

For many years she led the economics team of the World Economic Forum as member of the Executive Committee and was lead author of The Global Competitiveness Report, The Global Risks Report in addition to other benchmarking reports of the World Economic Forum. She advised government agencies, ministers, national competitiveness councils and the private sector worldwide (e.g. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Switzerland) on how to improve competitiveness and innovation performance, boost exports and investment, assess risks, or measure impact. She holds a PhD in Economics and is a regular speaker at high level conferences and events, including World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, IMF/WB Annual Meetings in Washington DC, sessions of the UN General Assembly in NY and serves as an expert for media (BBC, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, etc.). Margareta is Polish, German and Swiss.

Policy Horizons | Horizons de politiques

Policy Horizons Canada, also referred to as Policy Horizons, is an organization within the federal public service that conducts strategic foresight on cross-cutting issues that informs public servants today about the possible public policy implications over the next 10-15 years.

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