New Approaches for Addressing Poverty and Exclusion

This project looked at possible future directions in policies addressing poverty and exclusion. It examined new data that allowed for a better understanding of the dynamics of poverty its presence over the course of a person’s life, and which groups are at risk.

Key Products

  • Research Paper
    • Combatting the Social Exclusion of At-Risk Groups
    • Poverty and Exclusion: Normative Approaches to Policy Research
  • Synthesis report
    • Housing Policy and Practice in the Context of Poverty and Exclusion
    • Why Financial Capability Matters
    • Communities Under Pressure: The role of Co-operatives and the Social Economy
    • Exploring the Promise of Asset-based Social Policies: Reviewing Evidence from Research and Practice
  • Discussion Paper
    • Financial Capability and Poverty
  • Program and Background Documents
    • The Working Poor and the Role of Precarious Employment
  • Guide
    • What We Need to Know About the Social Economy

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