Will Millennials Save the Day?

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What? There are approximately 1.8 billion people in the millennial generation (currently 15 to 30 year olds). Millennials represent about one quarter of the world population. While there are major differences among them, a report on youth by the Economist views that they have many attributes in common: few have permanent jobs that allow them to use their talents; many have high living costs and debt limiting their possibilities; many are open-minded, liberal thinkers who do not trust current institutions to make the right choices for them; and, they do not vote.

So what? The six articles in this report highlight that the youth are adapting to a new world and are in a large proportion already living in the “next economy”: they own less, move jobs frequently, and value diversity and resilience. At this stage in their lives, their loyalty to existing institutions, organizations and paradigms is low. They are willing to experiment. Cynics may say that they are like every young generation before them. However, it will be useful to observe the kinds of innovations and experiments they develop. 

Source: The Economist - Uphill Generation

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