What to Do While Waiting for Eternal Life

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What? Australian start-up company Humai has revived the conversation around cryogenics. The company says it wants to “transplant your brain into an elegantly designed bionic body called Humai.” With no notable advancement in cryogenics and given Humai’s 30 year proposed timeline for its project, the conversation ignited by the company’s announcement is more worth noting than the promise of digital immortality.  Humai plans on developing an app that will collect data on their customers to have the information needed for the final brain to bionic body transition process.

So what? The transhumanist community seems to be growing to include an ever larger list of people and groups, such as tattoo enthusiasts, the maker movement, bio-hackers, along with pro genetically modified organism communities. The community is redefining the norms of human intervention along the pathway to digital immortality, with available modifications such as chip implants, genetic engineering and cognitive/physical enhancements.

Source: Vice - How to Freeze Your Brain and Live Forever (Maybe)

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