Virtual Teleportation

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Tags: telepresence, virtual

What? In April 2016, Microsoft released their Holoportation system, which creates a 3D, real-time hologram of someone and mimics the feeling of someone being in the room with you.  Holoportation can recreate any scene interactively in real-time. The capital costs should come down to around $500.00. Currently, the system is really close to the one of the Playstation. Scene modeling is much more computationally efficient than sending video in real time. However, upload could be the limiting factor (~4x video streams at once).

So what? While the potential of virtual reality tools have been discussed for a while, this demonstrates that the technology, available at an affordable cost, is already here. This tool can be used to enhance communication between isolated and remote communities and other parts of the world. It is potentially of major importance in many domains, such as telepresence, social media, and medicine. Holoported interactions can be recorded and played back.

Source: Futurism – Microsoft’s New Tech Lets You Virtually Teleport Anywhere in the World (video)


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