UltraUrban Dwellers of Domed Cities

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What? Dubai Holdings aims to construct the world’s first domed city by 2020. Mall of the World, a
5 million square metre space located in the heart of Dubai, would boast both open-air and domed walkways, plazas and bike routes, as well as bus lanes and 33 roads connecting retail, residential, office and entertainment spaces. The ambitious project is seen as critical to the United Arab Emirates’ economic growth.

So what? The domed city may be a pioneering project for new alternative urban planning. Citizens of domed communities might have different priorities than under-the-sun urbanites. As large urban centres continue to gain influence in national politics, citizens of domed communities could significantly shape nations’ notions of natural resource management. Living in domes or city towers, will alter human’s relationship with nature.

Source: Tech Insider - Dubai is building a colossal domed city 9 times bigger than The Mall of America

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