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What? Mongolia is changing its national address system to three-word phrases using a geographic information system created by London, U.K. start-up What3Words. The location system uses three English-word combinations to label 57-trillion, nine-metre square sections of the globe. For example, Policy Horizons Canada’s offices three-word address is: stress.release.unroll [15th floor]. The system is designed to provide addresses for the 75% of the global population without a traditional street address, such as those living in the sprawling slums of megacities.

So what? This project demonstrates the potential for innovative small private enterprises to provide major, transformative public services to states. In this particular case, a private company is shaping a significant aspect of how an emerging country manages its physical environment. The What3Words project raises issues over the desirability of having a private-sector company determine the nature of a major public service.

Source: Quartz - 'Mongolia is changing its addresses to three word phrases.’

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