Smart Tires for Autonomous Cars

Categories: technology
Tags: smart tires, autonomous vehicule

What? After making tires for 117 years, in March 2016 GoodYear unveiled their tire concept for the coming autonomous vehicle technology. The “spherical” shaped, 3-D printed concept tire is connected to the car with magnetic levitation (Maglev tech) equipped with smart sensors able to detect different road and weather conditions and transmit the information to other cars. The Eagle-360 concept tire will allow autonomous vehicles to move in all directions and avoid obstacles without changing driving direction.

So what? With the "ultimate manoeuvrability" that the Eagle-360 will offer to future autonomous vehicles, less space for parking could be required as vehicles will be able to move laterally. The "all direction" driving option of the tire could allow for design modifications of current road infrastructures like access roads and highway exits. The tire could also improve passenger security by transmitting real-time road conditions to the vehicle’s "computer" driver to adjust driving specifications. Smart tires may also help to improve fuel efficiency of vehicles and extend mileage by setting tires in optimal position for highway or urban driving areas.  


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