Shifting the Economic Debate - Incorporate Emerging Disruptive Technologies

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What? On January 5, 2016, the New York Times carried an opinion piece stating that much of the political debate on reviving manufacturing has over-simplified the problem and blamed outsourcing. The article proposes that jobs did not go overseas but that in fact many of them disappeared and that "trying to restore manufacturing to what it once was in the U.S. is not an attainable, or even a desirable, goal". The author asks for a shift in political and economic analysis - automation and robots should be integrated in our analysis and public dialogue as a source of much disruption and change.

So what? Much of the economic analysis and debate focuses on traditional explanations of economic change. Bringing a deeper analysis of the emerging technologies as drivers of change will lead to a more informed debate and more effective policy choices. This article suggests that there is growing awareness of the massive technological transition that is underway.

Source: New York Times - Time to Talk of Robots

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