The 'Sex' Spectrum

Category: social
Tags: gender

What? According to a recent article in Nature, biologists now think that sex is not binary for humans. The article summarizes the most recent research on the issue and proposes a table called “the sex spectrum”. It shows that rather than being simply male or female, there are variations (they propose 8) that vary according to: chromosomes, gonads, genitals, and other characteristics such as secondary sexual characteristics or hormones.

So what? Biological research findings seem to more closely align with “social” evolutions that have gained acceptance in western societies recently. A blurred notion of sex, associated with a softening of gender identification (agender, gender fluid, cisgender) and role, with different conceptions of sexual orientation (e.g. homosexuality, heterosexuality, heterofluidity etc.), and  relationships (polyamory,  open relationships etc.), can have a deep effect on the way we define ourselves and societal norms and values.

Source: Nature - Sex Redefined

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