A Schism in the Worldwide Anglican Communion

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What? The Anglican Church leadership has recently placed an official suspension on the U.S. Episcopal Church, barring it from participating in the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Anglican Church of Canada was also put on notice. The rift between more liberal North American Anglicans and more conservative African and Asian churches was sparked by the U.S. church’s decision to redefine marriage as a union by a couple to accommodate same sex marriage.

So what? This decision, paralleled with the U.S. Supreme court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, has highlighted the difference of values between liberal and conservative Christian societies. Catholicism has also been struggling to modernize, with the Vatican growing ever distant from many believers. Brazil, with the largest Catholic population, now allows gay marriage. Should religions fail to adapt to modern values, certain societies could become more secular. Disunity within faiths could also mirror world income inequality, reshaping geopolitical landscapes around seemingly natural alliances.

Source: CBC - World Anglican leaders suspend U.S. body, put Canadians on notice over same-sex marriage

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