A Robot Lawyer That Could Rapidly 'Flood' the Legal System

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What? A British teenager has launched a robot lawyer. The public can access the robot for no-cost through a website where the user answers a series of questions with respect to their situation (e.g. parking tickets, delayed flights etc.). In the cases where the robot determines there are grounds for an appeal, it will generate a letter for the user with supporting legal arguments (precedent or rules). 

So what? Notwithstanding the fact that this technology may reduce the demand for lawyers on matters like parking violations (given the service is free, fast and easy to use), it could substantially increase the number of appeals and their success rate. In response to a "flood" of legal actions that could paralyze the legal system, public authorities could create a "robot-judge" to preside over proceedings related to minor legal issues or act in legal arbitration procedures.

Source: Mashable - British teenager creates robot lawyer to help people with their legal queries

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