The Revival of Hometowns

Category: technology

Tags: cities

What? Pieter Levels, a well-known entrepreneur within the digital nomad community who launched sites like NomadList and RemoteOk, chose to end his nomadic lifestyle and return to his hometown to be amongst friends and family. Levels explained that after three years of working all around the world, he woke up one morning in a foreign city feeling lost and alone.

So what? While it is possible to imagine a world with fewer mobility barriers where people work digitally from wherever they want and cities compete to attract newcomers, this lifestyle may be short-lived. Telepresence will allow for greater mobility, however loneliness (increasingly a social health concern) and the importance of one’s community may counter this trend and prompt more people to work in closer proximity to their relatives. Other factors including declining public resources, eldercare could encourage local community participation or the development of local common areas.


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