Renewable Energy Milestones

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What? From May 7 to 11, 2016, Portugal achieved a clean-energy milestone, using only renewable energy sources—including solar, wind and hydro--during this four-day period. Similarly, on May 15 almost all of Germany's electricity demand was supplied by clean energy. This resulted in negative electricity prices several times throughout the day, with utilities effectively paying consumers to use their electricity.

So what? Similar renewable energy trends are spreading throughout Europe and may gain momentum as European government policies increasingly support the transition to clean energy. Long term implications for Canada could include greater provincial and municipal independence from national policy. This may be particularly relevant for smaller provinces like Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia that are significantly tied to national policies on energy infrastructure and economic development. Greater provincial energy independence may enable these provinces to implement policies more tailored to their specific circumstances. In some cases, municipalities may be able to efficiently distribute energy throughout a city, redirecting surge capacity to lower-income neighbourhoods at a lesser cost.

Source: The Guardian - Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

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