Public Transit - Examining Other Options

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What? Transit designer Emil Jacob has proposed the “Caterpillar Train" to solve Boston's transit challenges (US $7.3 billion to bring current infrastructure up to a good state of repair, $2 billion operating budget). The Caterpillar train is an elevated, automated electric train, suspended above the streets via a conducting cable and made from low-weight materials. It would travel upwards of 100 mph, and 2000 miles of transit could be installed for $4 billion, half the cost of updating the current 1200 miles of mixed transit (bus, rail, and subway).

So what? This technology is not yet proven, but represents out of the box thinking to address a mix of financial, spatial and environmental challenges with new ideas. As governments ponder significant infrastructure updates, examining new technologies and new approaches to transit beyond the standard (bus, rail or subway), may bring cost savings, environmental benefits and innovative solutions.

 Source: Wired - Far-Fetched Plan for Mass Transit Is Intriguing at Least

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