Place Based Approaches to Integrated Management

Place Based Approaches to Integrated Management

This project examined the growing trend toward integrated landscape management, or “place-based” governance.  It explored how communities are dealing with economic, environmental and social issues. 


Key Products

  • Policy Brief
    • Location, Location, Location: Putting Evaluation in "Place"
    • The Top 10 Questions: A Guide to Evaluating Place-based Initiatives
    • Evaluating Place-Based Approaches: A Window of Opportunity?
  • Research Paper
    • The Evaluation of Place-Based Approaches
  • Workshop Report
    • Bringing Place-Based Tools to Policy
    • Integrated Management and Geospatial Information Network for the Environment – Building a Shared Vision
    • Geospatial Information Needs for Integrated Land/Marine Management
    • Integrated Landscape Management Modelling
    • Integrating Climate Change into Invasive Species Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • Briefing Note
    • Integrated Landscape management Models for Sustainable Development Policy Making
    • Towards a National Capacity for Integrated Landscape Management Modelling


For More Information

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