No Longer Need for Roads in Africa

Categories: technology
Tags: drones, infrastructure

What? In Rwanda, the German solar company Mobisol is testing the idea of a rent-a-roof business model for establishing networks of drone stations. In exchange for credits on their solar power bills, customers let Mobisol install micro-charging solar powered drone stations on their rooftops.

So what? Micro-charging stations for drones could help to extend drone's range of delivery in the future and will also facilitate delivery in hard to reach places. Given the current state of road infrastructure, African nations and development aid could rapidly take advantage of drones to deliver medical supplies to the local population. By replacing vehicle delivery with drones, it also means that some countries could easily move to a low carbon goods delivery system powered by decentralized sources of energy like solar photovoltaic. The rapid development of a sophisticated drone delivery network could result in African governments regulating drone technology before many developed countries.

Source: Co.Exist - Could Solar-Powered Drones Deliver Electricity To The Developing World?

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