New Approaches for Addressing Poverty and Exclusion

New Approaches for Addressing Poverty and Exclusion

This project looked at possible future directions in policies addressing poverty and exclusion. It examined new data that allowed for a better understanding of the dynamics of poverty its presence over the course of a person’s life, and which groups are at risk.


Key Products

  • Research Paper
    • Combatting the Social Exclusion of At-Risk Groups
    • Poverty and Exclusion: Normative Approaches to Policy Research
  • Synthesis report
    • Housing Policy and Practice in the Context of Poverty and Exclusion
    • Why Financial Capability Matters
    • Communities Under Pressure: The role of Co-operatives and the Social Economy
    • Exploring the Promise of Asset-based Social Policies: Reviewing Evidence from Research and Practice
  • Discussion Paper
    • Financial Capability and Poverty
  • Program and Background Documents
    • The Working Poor and the Role of Precarious Employment
  • Guide
    • What We Need to Know About the Social Economy

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