Mobility - Customizable Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing

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Tags: sharing economy, infrastructure

What? In the future, the idea of owning a car may be less appealing as other models of personalized transportation become available. However, for those who do own a car, rather than letting it sit idle for most of the day, renting it out can help to cover, or even eliminate, car payments. As people search for the most functional (time, cost, convenience) way of getting from A to B, an individual's idle car can be part of a larger transportation platform, along with bicycles, public and private, for profit, transportation.

So what? Cars are fast becoming a utility within a larger customizable mobility platform. There is growing evidence that the demand for transportation is driving a transformation in ground transportation delivery, and infrastructure requirements. Automobile companies are re-imagining themselves as individuals take control of their mobility decisions. Companies like Uber, even public transportation, may soon discover they cannot compete.

Source: BBC - Would You Let stranger Rent Your Car?

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