MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies

MetaScan 3: Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are laying the groundwork for decades to come, with major impacts anticipated in every aspect of our lives. Canadians will have to work together to ensure that the right policies and institutions are in place to allow for a prosperous and resilient future. This 2013 foresight study on emerging technologies is a collaborative effort that builds upon the 2012 report: MetaScan 2: Building Resilience in the Transition to a Digital Economy and a Networked Society. More than 90 experts from government, the private sector, civil society and academia were interviewed over the course of this study. We greatly appreciate their expertise and insights in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and neuroscience.

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Driving Policy on a Shifting Terrain

The challenges we face are becoming increasingly complex and multi-causal. They transcend sector and jurisdiction boundaries. They are often resistant to existing approaches. All parts of society need to work together to address these challenges. Governments, businesses, civil society organizations and citizens need to come together and show a willingness to do things differently.

Key Questions

  • What tools and approaches would best respond to growing complexity in the policy environment?
  • How will the roles and responsibilities of governments (in relation to the business sector, civil society organizations, and citizens) evolve?

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