Video: MetaScan 2

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(Images of future technologies fly in toward the viewer to make the title screen. At lower left, there is an image of a human hand shaking a robot hand. At upper right, a street scene at night with tail light streaks, suggesting movement into the future. The video title is displayed, METASCAN 2, BUILDING RESILIENCE IN THE TRANSITION TO A DIGITAL ECONOMY AND A NETWORKED SOCIETY)

Policy Horizons Canada, a foresight centre in the Federal Public Service, has been exploring emerging digital technologies and their implications.

(A woman gestures toward an interactive screen, and a man appears on the screen. The woman gestures again and the screen is filled with data analytic graphics. A woman appears holding a personal health sensor, with a digital display floating in the background showing her health information. A robot appears and walks toward he viewer. A 3D printer prints a maple leaf.)

There have been rapid advancements in virtual telepresence, data analytics, sensors, the internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing.

(Several virtual screens showing scenes of future technologies fly towards the viewer.)

The rate of change is accelerating, what will we need to be ready?

(A man stands in front of a digital display screen showing moving graph lines and numbers. The screen fades away and the camera pulls back revealing several other people, connected to the man with a network graphic on the floor.)

How will we thrive in the emerging digital economy and networked society?

(A woman stands in front of a digital display screen showing animated Earths. A man appears interacting with a digital display screen showing a rotating earth. The man gestures at the screen and several radial graphs appear in front of him.)

When work becomes virtual and competition global, needing new skills learned on the fly?

(The background is filled with symbols of digital information. A man and woman are standing, and thought bubbles with light bulbs in them appear next to them. The man and woman gesture toward their thought bubbles, causing the lightbulbs to float away. A 3D printer moves in from the left toward the right, taking in all of the digital information symbols, and outputting solid consumer objects out of the other side.)

When ideas are the product on digital supply chains and 3D printing redefines manufacturing?

(A woman stands looking up at the camera, as several people rush around her.)

How can we ensure a smooth transition for all?

(A woman jogs in the foreground. A digital display screen showing her health information appears in the background. The digital display screen is replaced by many smaller digital display screens.)

How can we benefit from digital sensors embedded everywhere?

(A robot is driving a taxi, gesturing toward the viewer in the back seat. A closeup of the robot's face shows digital information. Camera pulls back to reveal several robots walking in lockstep.)

Which traditional human jobs will be affected by Artificial Intelligence and advanced robotics?

(A patient is talking to a doctor, while a robot scans the patient with its hand. The scan of the patient's body shows up on a digital display screen in the background.)

How will lives improve with these rapid advancements?

(A woman swipes at a tablet computer. Information graphics representing virtual service fill the background. A portion of these graphics zooms in toward the foreground.)

As our lives and data are increasingly connected what advantages can virtual service delivery bring?

(A planet showing Canada rotates, with people standing across the country. A network diagram appears below their feet to show them connected.)

Will a highly networked society require networked participatory governance?

(Four businesspeople stand in a lobby discussing. Images of future technologies zoom out of the right side of the screen.)

How can we benefit from the challenges and opportunities these digital technologies will bring?

(An image of the Metascan 2 report is displayed, as is the title and Policy Horizons logo. A message states TO LEARN MORE VISIT WWW.HORIZONS.GC.CA)

If you would like to learn more, you can find this report and other foresight studies on the Policy Horizons Canada website.