Massively Multiplayer Online Educational Role-Playing Games

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What? ClassCraft is an educational video game set in a fantasy world with similar themes to the successful World of Warcraft. The game offers three character classes (Healer, Mage and Warrior) designed for different learning styles. Teachers create quizzes for their students and they are rewarded experience points for correct answers which are used to level up player avatars. ClassCraft facilitates teamwork, helps motivate students and promotes proper behaviour in the classroom. There are currently 600,000 players in 75 countries. The web-based gamified learning platform allows for three types of users: teachers, students and parents.

So what? As gamification becomes standardized in pedagogy, new communication and tracking tools are created to improve the relationship and collaboration between teachers, parents and students. Global online learning games could facilitate educational mobility, allowing players to log-on to their avatar from any school or learning environment. These types of platforms could also facilitate collaborative learning with avatars from across the globe.

Source: Radio Canada - Classcraft Studios poursuit son expansion mondiale [french only]

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