Labelled for the Internet of Things

Categories: technology, economy, security

What? A new smart-packaging solution will enable brand owners to use labels and tags to make products ready for the internet-of-things (IoT) by default, though activated only as needed. The innovative smart-packaging system is a partnership between U.S. company R.R. Donnelley's proprietary printed electronics techniques and the Smart Cosmos IoT-platform manufactured by Smartrac, a world-leading radio-frequency identification (RFID) company based in the Netherlands.

So what? The cost-saving potential of IoT-ready products could make de facto IoT compliance an industry standard.  IoT-ready smart packaging promises supply chain efficiency improvements in inventory management, asset tracking, authentication, theft prevention and consumer engagement. As a cautionary note, the possibility of entire supply chains becoming digitally connected would also make them cyber-vulnerable.


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