Jiyo: Turning a Smartphone Into a Health Coach

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Tags: health, behavioural

What? Jiyo is a new smartphone-based wellness app launched in June 2016 by U.S.-based health advocate Deepak Chopra. The app uses a smartphone's various sensors, from accelerometer to GPS, to monitor and track a user's behaviours. Rather than the user searching for wellness solutions, the app acts as a real-time coach, suggesting small behavioural changes, such as stretching after a transcontinental flight. The app detected the long flight from the rapid change in time zones.

So what? Jiyo reflects the increasing use of smartphones for health and wellness applications. While this represents a major new commercial market, governments may also be interested in applying this proactive, preventive approach as part of population health policy. The app builds on growing interest in positive psychology and quantifying personal well-being, and its success, or not, will be one reflection of the strength of these trends.

Source: Tech Crunch - "Deepak Chopra launches Jiyo, a well-ness focused mobile app"

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