Integrated Definitions of 'Growth'

Categories: economy, environment, governance

What? China is implementing initiatives towards constructing an “ecological civilization”, characterized by a resource-saving and environmentally friendly society. The 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) for Economic and Social Development outlines a comprehensive plan incorporating the concept of “greenification” within development. As a result, Chinese provinces have started integrating Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) measures with GDP. Further goals include incorporating GEP into government appraisal systems and achieving GDP growth without diminishing GEP.

So what? Establishing a set of accountable, quantifiable, comparable and assessable indicators for ecological development may allow countries to effectively incorporate a range of ecological measures into GDP. The inclusion of well-being indices such as Gross National Happiness (GNH), among others, may result in a redefinition of prosperity that goes beyond current measurements of “growth”. This could have a range of implications, including the restructuring of international trade which takes into account ecosystem services.  


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