Increased Role for Modular Technology to Bring down Construction and Cost

Area of Scanning: Economic System

Author: Rebekah Hamed

What is Changing?

Modular construction, 3D printing and other technologies have the potential to significantly bring down the time and cost of building major infrastructure, and facilitate the trend towards urbanization in Asia. For example, China is developing expertise in modular building, taking it to new levels of sophistication with enhancements in quality, energy efficiency, size, speed of construction as well as new heights, including what promises to be the tallest building in the world.


Infrastructure projects may become less expensive and may be faster to complete. Constructing mega-cities within months rather than years could be a distinct possibility. The advancements in modular building technology may provide significant manufacturing opportunities for those who lead in this area, as well as an opportunity for multiple sectors to merge. The implications on employment within the manufacturing and building sector would be significant. Modular buildings could also help address rapid migratory shifts between cities, by constructing and deconstructing buildings in response to volatile population levels. 


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