Improving the Measurement, Reporting and Assessment of Federally Performed Science and Technology

Authors: Policy Horizons Canada
Document Type: Archives
Published Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 4:00am
ISBN number: PH4-67/2010E-PDF, 978-1-100-16511-0


This final project report and the research on which it is based benefited from the contributions of many individuals.

The horizontal policy research project was overseen by a steering committee of senior federal officials consisting of Carl Caron, Pierre Charest, Karen Corkery, Christiane Deslauriers, André Downs, François Faucher, Jacqueline Gonçalves, Javier A. Gracia- Garza, Jeet Hothi, and Paula Thomson.

Working papers and other supporting research were prepared by Frances Anderson, Keith Belinko, Steven Globerman, Frederick Kijek, Erica Maidment, Pierre Mohnen, Alan Painter, Dennis Rank, Peter Reinecke, and Douglas Williams.

More than 100 federal officials contributed to the project. Specific mention needs to be given to the following officials for their insights, comments, and support: Peggy Borbey, Denys G.T. Cooper, Louise Earl, Kareem Elmahdy, Philip Enros, Kevin Fitzgibbons, Ruth Hawkins, Rob James, Shahrokh Khanizadeh, Graham O'Brien, Morna Paterson, Robert Philp, Kevin Shackell, Pierre Therrien, Jacques Trencia, and Lisa Willner.

Thanks also to G. Bruce Doern from Carleton University for his interest and insight.

This report was prepared by Alan Painter, working under the direction of André Downs.

The Treasury Board Secretariat provided feedback and comments that were included in the report.