Human Connections

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What? Harvard researchers discovered that one thing is essential for happier and healthier lives - relationships. The results are based on a 75 year-long study of human development. The ongoing grant study began by following the lives of Harvard University men selected in 1938 and tracked every aspect of their lives. One of the strongest conclusions of the study is that the happiest and healthiest participants are the ones who maintained close, intimate relationships with family and friends.

So what? In a world where digital tools are omnipresent and people are often moving or traveling, where the number of citizens who are single and living alone is rising, work is unbundled and digital-independent workers are on the rise. Real and profound human communication may become an increasingly valued. Emerging and connected new ways of living (shared-housing, intentional families, the sharing economy) could become more commonplace as they allow for enhanced social contacts.

Source: Washington Post – Harvard researchers discovered the one thing everyone needs for happier, healthier lives

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