How We Work

Policy Horizons Canada (Horizons) collaborates with the policy community across the federal government, and engages domestic and international experts to help identify policy challenges and opportunities that could emerge over the next 10 -15 years. The organization is dedicated to building foresight capacity and literacy within the public service of Canada. By providing others with new and valuable tools that they can use within their departments, Horizons helps bring innovative thinking to new and existing policy development programs.  

Horizons’ experienced futurists provide expert advice on emerging issues, foresight and scanning through one-on-one discussions, interdepartmental meetings, and facilitated workshops. All engagement requests are discussed collaboratively at the Horizons’ senior management table on a weekly basis. To engage with Horizons, please submit your request to

Horizons experiments with an evolving range of tools and techniques to support its work. Please see the workplace innovation section if you would like to learn more.

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