Health Monitoring for Your Everyday Life

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What? Samsung announced it is manufacturing a bio-processor.  The unit referred to as a system on a chip (SOC) is intended to be embedded into wearable devices to monitor heart rate, skin temperature, body fat, heart rhythm, muscle mass and stress levels. The device is not solely intended for Samsung products and could allow the entire wearables industry to gain the ability to provide large amounts of personal health data at an affordable price.

So what? The use of personal health data generated by bio processor could be vast. Currently, health professionals are prescribing self-monitoring alongside conventional remedies.  For example, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre is using Fitbits to improve self-reporting in cancer patients, with a view to determining tolerance for chemotherapy.  In the coming years, personal health data may be used by individuals for self-medication and/or integrated into new health service delivery models.

Source: Motherboard - With Samsung's 'Bio-Processor,' Wearable Health Tech is About to Get Weird

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