Greeenhouse Gases Converted Directly to Carbon Nano-Fibres

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What? “A team of chemists says they have developed a technology to economically convert atmospheric CO2 directly into highly valued carbon nano-fibres for industrial and consumer products.” Their electrolytic syntheses process is low energy, using only “a few volts of electricity, sunlight and a whole lot of carbon dioxide.” In the future, CO2 from global warming could be the feedstock for carbon nano-fibres, which are used in everything from airplanes to wind turbines to sports equipment. According to the researchers, "We calculate that with a physical area less than 10 percent the size of the Sahara Desert, our process could remove enough CO2 to decrease atmospheric levels to those of the pre-industrial revolution within 10 years.”

So what? If it is cost-effective and safe, this technology has the potential to shift carbon dioxide, the most abundant anthropogenic greenhouse gas, from a climate change problem to a valuable commodity.

Source: Science Daily - Greeenhouse gases converted directly to carbon nano-fibres

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