Freshwater for the Future

Freshwater for the Future

This project explored water management. It looked at economic instruments and alternative governance approaches for water management. It also explored public-private partnerships in the water sector.

Key Products

  • Project Reports
    • Can Water Quality Trading Help to Address Agriculutural Sources of Pollution in Canada?
    • Canadian Water Sustainability Index
  • Synthesis Report
    • Economic Instruments for Water Demand Management in a Integrated Water Reources Management Framework
  • Discussion Papers
    • Strengthening Integrated Water Resource Management in Canada
    • Public-Private Partnerships for Funding Municipal Drinking Water Infrastructure: What are the Challenges
  • Other
    • A Fresh Look at Freshwater
  • Briefing Notes
    • Canadian Water Sustainability Index
    • Do European Water Abstraction Taxes Affect Competiveness?
    • Does Pricing Water Reduce Agricultural Demand?
    • Exporting Canada's Water I: Outside of NAFTA
    • Federal Commitments to Freshwater
    • Integrated Water Resource Management
    • Is there a Business Case for Small Scale and Large-Scale Water Export to the United States?
    • Is Water a Tradable Commodity?
    • Market-based Instruments for Water Demand Management I: the use of pricing and taxes
    • Market-based Instruments for Water Demand Management II: Water Markets
    • Water Quality Trading I: Scientific Considerations for Agricultural Pollutants
    • Water Quality Trading II: Using Trading Ratios to Deal with Uncertainties
    • Wet Industry: An Opportunity for Strategic Municipal Water Demand Management

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