FindFace: Facial Recognition for the Masses

Categories: governance, technology
Tags: privacy

What? FindFace is a new Russian mobile app that enables users to identify people in a photograph by comparing faces to profile pictures on the popular Russian social-network Vkontakte. The app provides the most likely facial match, with 70% reliability, along with the faces of ten other possible matches. While the app's creators think it will be largely used for dating, they believe income will primarily come from use by retail businesses and law enforcement. For example, the FindFace startup expects to finalize a contract with Moscow’s city government that would see FindFace used as part of their camera surveillance network.

So what? The FindFace app is bringing advanced facial recognition technology to the masses. Unlike previous facial recognition technology, the FindFace algorithm enables quick searches of big, complex visual data sets. The app's disruptive potential is enormous and with its probable spread to other countries, raises extensive privacy issues.

Source: The Guardian

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