Expanding Family Lines with 'Intentional Families'

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What? The New Yorker Magazine portrays a group of people that have chosen to live together, describing themselves as an “intentional family” or as a “family of choice”. The group is composed of 8 “non-related” adults including three couples, two single people, as well as three children. Together, the adults purchased a house. Although several of them were previously living in “co-housing” apartments and/or sharing common spaces, they define the way they live now as different - closer to a family than a community. Their goals are to avoid isolation, lighten their environmental footprint, and rear the children together.

So what? The author believes this way of living is on the rise. Like same sex weddings or blended families, it extends the societal conception of family. Associated with the assumed rise of “intentional communities” (like co-operative living, eco-living, or colocations), this trend could have impacts related to solidarity, aging, environmental footprint, consumption and/or public policies (i.e. taxes, inheritance, and health benefits).

Source: The New York Time Magazine – 8 Adults, 3 Kids: Modern, Intentional Families Are on the Rise

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