Estonia Pitches EU-Access Through Unique E-Residency Program

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What? Following the June 2016 BREXIT vote, Estonia launched the internet site explaining how it is possible to manage a virtual Estonian/EU-based company from the UK. Created in 2015, Estonia's E-Residency program offers businesses anywhere in the world a transnational digital identity that provides Estonia-based company registration, banking services and taxation. E-Residency does not include the right to live or work in the EU.

So what? Some observers suggest that the UK leaving the EU could pave the way for a more fluid or à la carte approach to citizenship within the EU and beyond. For example, following the BREXIT vote Germany has discussed once again offering dual UK-German citizenship and Italy has considered providing Italian passports to qualifying UK-citizens studying in Italy. These changes could result in the growth of fractional citizenship, with individuals paying taxes and receiving benefits from different countries based on the length of their residency. Such changes might also legitimize virtual states, such as Bitnation.


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