An Electric Vehicle Car Sharing Program Dedicated to Ride Sharing Drivers

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What? Vision Fleet, a plug-in vehicle company helping public organizations deploy electric vehicles (EV), has launched the Evercar platform.  Evercar is an EV car sharing service dedicated to Uber, Lyft and other platforms drivers. Platform drivers sign-up for the periods of time they are available to drive. With no upfront cost and only $5 an hour, drivers have access to electric vehicles with unlimited mileage, liability insurance, electric charging network, maintenance and cleaning. Launched in Los Angeles, the company plans to take the platform nationwide by the end of 2016.

So what? A low cost EV sharing platform dedicated to ride sharing programs could accelerate the "silent death" of vehicle ownership in North America. This model could eliminate the high upfront cost of electric vehicles and increase their usage. Further, the electric vehicles could be connected to the grid to help meet power peak demands.

Source: Auto Rental News - EV-Based Rental Service for Ride-Sharing Drivers Launched

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