Education: Using Self-Governed ‘Crowds’ to Assess Achievement

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What? A programming team of coders from Dubai, New York and Nairobi have recently openly published a dApp concept (decentralized app) to be run on the Ethereum blockchain. This ‘decentralized system of assessment’ facilitates micro-assessments by assembling a panel of randomly selected users having previously demonstrated an ability to act as competent assessors. The input of all the assessors is compared using statistical analysis and each are rewarded based on their accuracy in relation to each other.

So what? The system leverages individual self-interest to create a currency of public good by creating a decentralized accreditation system for achievements. The dApp was designed to validate educational achievements and measure individual’s abilities. This innovation could be an alternative to institutional diplomas and degrees. Access to the decentralized database of users’ micro-achievements could help create better artificial intelligence for the management of human resources and lead to an increased accuracy, potentially transforming hiring processes.

Source: - Lightpaper: A decentralized system of assessment

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