In-Ear, Real-Time Language Translator

Categories: technology, social, governance
Tags: work, mobility, smart infrastructures

What? Waverly Labs, a New York City based company, has developed an in-ear language translator capable of translating human speech in real time. The device, called “The Pilot,” translates using an embedded language recognition app, and then sends an audio translation to earpieces that can be shared by two people.

So What? This real-time translation technology could have a tremendous impact on how people who speak different languages live and work together. For example, a unilingual English speaker would not have to learn a second language in order to work in a foreign language environment. An extension of the technology capable of handling multiple users and languages simultaneously could be especially useful for international virtual work teams collaborating on-line and for virtual-reality gathering places. This technology could also influence the preservation of dying languages, including First Nation and Inuit languages. It could also have an impact on newcomer language acquisition.

Source: Futurism - In-Ear Language Translators May Soon Be Here, Thanks to Waverly Labs

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