e-Horizons newsletter - September 2011

Next Stop: Scanning and Foresight

Scanning and foresight are tools to help us think about the future. Both tools make us think and position ourselves in a unique way to discover key insights. Read more

The Heartbeat of On-line Collaboration; "Giving a monkey a scalpel doesn't make him a surgeon"

The use of Web 2.0 and social media is rapidly evolving within the Government of Canada. Recent experiences, however, have proven that a number of critical assumptions about these tools are not supported. As a consequence, new ideas are emerging that support better application of collaborative on-line processes. Read more

Leading the Pack or Lagging Behind: A Foresight Study on Environmental Sustainability and Canada's Competitiveness

What are the implications for Canadian competitiveness in a changing world that is placing increasing emphasis on the quality of the environment? Where are the opportunities? What are the challenges? Read more

What is Well-being?

A persistent challenge is how to define well-being and thus make it a measurable goal for policy. Much ink has been spilt over developing a common understanding of the term. What is well-being in our society, and how do we best measure it? Read more

Social Media as Part of the Solution

Digital exclusion will likely affect youth more than other marginalized groups. Families of youth-at-risk can be left with few options for early intervention. Can social media support the social inclusion of youth-at-risk? Read more

Shifting Players in the Aid Game

The global shift in power and influence is having potentially transformative effects on the nature of multilateral development assistance. Read more

Mark your calendar

October 2011 announces the arrival of an important new resource for public policy makers. Building on decades of experience in public service, including as Clerk of the Privy Council from 1994 to 1999, the Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon, P.C., O.C., has led an international effort to conduct research into the changing nature of governance. A New Synthesis of Public Administration: Serving in the 21st Century builds upon the findings of an international research network involving over 200 senior officials from government, business and academia in six partner countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. It proposes an enabling framework to assist practitioners to frame questions, identify options, and explore possible choices and implications. The book challenges the reader to critically examine the conventional, to explore the possible, and to contemplate a new, more open and dynamic trajectory for the future. A New Synthesis of Public Administration: Serving in the 21st Century will be available in October 2011 through McGill-Queen's University Press. Proceeds from sales of the book will be used to expand the conversation on the new synthesis of public administration.

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