e-Horizons newsletter - October 2012

Horizons has wrapped up two of its 2012 foresight studies. Check out the interesting findings from the next economy and the emerging policy levers studies. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the MetaScan 2012 and more.

Gearing up for the Economy of 2025

The international economic system is in flux, driven by shifts in economic influence, technology, demographics and sustainability. As these drivers interact, we can expect profound changes within the Canadian economy. What is needed to ensure the Canadian economy and society are resilient enough to anticipate and adapt? This foresight study explores some of these possible changes, and provides food for thought about how governments, businesses, civil society organization, and citizens respond.

Understanding the Changing Policy Environment Amid 21st Century Complexity

Highly networked societies, blurring boundaries between societal actors and digitization, mobile technology and big data are redefining policy levers. Co-creation and collaborative governance, innovation and experimentation, and better knowledge of what motivates human behaviour are increasingly used in policy design. This foresight study explores emerging policy levers, the shifting roles and responsibilities of societal actors and possible implications for government.


Horizons has a new look! We hope this will make our publications stand out from the crowd. Coming soon … a newly designed web site.

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