e-Horizons newsletter - November 2013

Policy Insights

Emerging Technologies


The future of technology promises change at an ever-increasing pace. Representing six key areas: HealthEnergy Digital and CommunicationNeuro and CognitiveAgricultural and Natural ManufacturingNano and Material Science, the maps on emerging technologies provides a sense of how broad and far-reaching technological change will be in the next 10-15 years.

Additional Insights 

When Energy Technology goes on Steroids: The Nano-Energy Interface

Agile Policy on Complex Terrains - Nudge or Nuzzle?

Foresight on the Horizon

Future of Asia

Asia will play an increasingly important role in the world in terms of driving global growth, innovation and contributing significant resources and expertise to solving global problems. However, the reverse of these core planning assumptions (and many others) are also plausible. Policy Horizons Canada is currently exploring these changes and their potential implications for Asia and for Canada in the next 15 years.

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