e-Horizons newsletter - March 2012

MetaScan 2011: Exploring global forces shaping our future

We have wrapped up the 2011 MetaScan and foresight studies. Check out the findings and explore the interaction among the drivers:

MetaScan 2012 & Foresight Studies

Horizons has hit the ground running and are actively developing a series of foresight studies for MetaScan 2012. Stay tuned for the next e-Horizons as we release some initial thinking on the three new foresight studies: The Next Economy, Policy Levers, and the Future of the Public Service.

Nudge me baby one more time?

Modern problems such as climate change, debt and obesity often seem intractable – how do we achieve public policy outcomes in the collective interest while at the same time respecting individual freedom to make decisions? Is there a way that liberty can be respected while moving forward together? Read more

Can we change behaviour and meet objectives through fun?

Part of the human story is that people like to be challenged; they also like to have fun and to succeed. Since ancient times, these fundamental human traits have been expressed through games and play. But how far can games take us? Read more

Open Mic Series

Discover what some invited guests have said during our Open Mic series.

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