e-Horizons newsletter - June 2012

MetaScan 2012 & Foresight Studies

Horizons is closing in on the final stages of MetaScan 2012 which focuses on how the economy could be significantly different in 10-15 years and what strategies could help build resilience for a turbulent environment – be agile, flexible, withstand shocks and rebuild when needed. The Government of Canada has two traditional “tools” to support a resilient society – a wide range of policy instruments and the public service – both of which are themselves facing significant forces for change.

The MetaScan and studies will be released Fall 2012.

The Next Economy

This study explores how key international and domestic change drivers such as technology, co-production and demographics could interact to create a range of plausible economic futures for Canada in 2025. It will identify challenges and opportunities to building societal resilience and promote prosperity and well-being.

The Future of the Public Service

This study explores how drivers including changing citizen expectations for greater transparency and engagement, the growing use of collaboration technologies, and changing workforce expectations may impact the public service and its role in contributing to a prosperous and resilient Canada.

Policy Levers for the 21st Century

The challenges we face are becoming increasingly complex and often resistant to existing approaches. Governments on their own do not hold the means to address most of these challenges, and increasingly non-state actors are leveraging tools at their disposal to find solutions. New understandings of individual and collective behaviour, new collaboration methods and technologies and a growing focus on experimentation are explored for their potential use by government to tap into capacity across all actors to support a resilient society.

Experimenting and Exploring

Horizons' is always up for a challenge! Employees are encouraged to experiment and work differently.

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