e-Horizons newsletter - June 2011

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New Vision, New Mission...

Policy Horizons Canada...new name and a new mission, adapting to meet the changing knowledge needs of the policy community. So dig out your binoculars and help focus on the long-view. Read more.

Governing by Wiki: Fast, Flat, and Furious

What if social media revolutionalizes the way the Government of Canada works and interacts with its citizens and other social institutions? This is one of our current four foresight studies being conducted at Policy Horizons Canada. Read more.

Economic Strategies as Digital Goods go 3-D

There is a persistent assumption that digital economy jobs are very secure, and that by transferring and encouraging these creative worker types, we'll all be better off in the 21st century. However, the underlying economies of scale of production and consumption are indicating other possibilities. Read more.

Times They are a Changing: Regulatory Foresight and Change Drivers

The future holds a multitude of unknowns for regulatory departments and agencies. What are the issues, challenges, and threats that need to be addressed in the coming months and years? Read more.

Does Conventional Economics Provide all the Answers?

Conventional regulatory, program and policy development approaches, which normally depend upon traditional economic theory, lead departments and agencies to anticipate certain outcomes. However, the outcomes may not materialize as originally intended. Why? Read more.

Improving Measurement and Reporting on the Impacts of Federal Science and Technology

While considerable information is already reported on federal S&T inputs and activities, and on the general objectives of individual departments and agencies, more effort is required to substantiate the relationship between S&T activities and their impacts and objectives within and across federal organizations. Read more.

Evaluating Place-Based Approaches: A Window of Opportunity?

Place-based initiatives embrace difference, responding to the unique context of each place. Read more.

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