Driving Policy on a Shifting Terrain: Understanding the Changing Policy Environment Amid 21st-Century Complexity

Authors: Policy Horizons Canada
Document Type: Foresight Study
Published Date: Monday, October 1, 2012 - 4:00am
ISBN number: PH4-121/2012E-PDF, 978-1-100-21447-4
Alternative Format: 2012-0125-eng.pdf


This foresight study has benefitted from the contributions of many individuals. Thirty experts graciously volunteered their time to be interviewed, and more than 20 federal officials from 12 departments took part in a series of workshops held in April and May 2012. Jean Kunz directed the Policy Levers Foresight Team at Policy Horizons Canada, which comprised Teresa Bellefontaine, Stefanie Bowles, Steffen Christensen, Paul De Civita, Colin Dobson, Naomi Kuhn, Andrew MacDonald and Nancy White.

Special thanks to Vic Adamowicz, Caroline Andrews, Christian Bason, John Braithwaite, Bruce Doern, Dave Donovan, John Giraldez, Stelios Lozides, Guy Mc Kenzie, Peter Milley, Graham Room, Morris Rosenberg and Tushara Williams for their helpful comments on the draft.