Cyber-Attacks Targeting Power Grid in Ukraine

Category: technology
Tags: energy, cybercrime

What? In late December 2015, at least three power utilities in Ukraine were the target of a cyber-attack that led to power failure, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity. This is the first time that malware was used to generate a power outage. In the weeks following, the Ukraine power grid and an airport continued to be targets.

So what? Exposure of public utilities to cyber-attacks could create major incentives for private business to invest in their own energy systems with solar photovoltaic and batteries. The threat may motivate public utilities to invest in distributed energy technologies to ensure that strategic centres, like cities, are protected against central power generation shutdown. As electrical power becomes the “fuel” of transportation and mobility in the coming years with self-driving vehicles, emergency power supply sources will be more important than ever to secure the digital platforms used in urban areas.


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