Crowd-Sourced Online Juries

Categories: governance

What? Periscope, a live video streaming app, plans to become the first such service to moderate comments on its videos by appointing randomized ‘juries’ of Periscope users. The system’s algorithm will automatically and instantly generate a group of peer online users to review potential comment policy infringements. The jurors will decide whether or not comments flagged as inappropriate are removed.

So What? Periscope’s plan for real-time, crowd-sourced content moderation is an example of a digitally-enabled, decentralized, and agile accountability structure. As such, it's part of a broader phenomenon of technology being applied to attempt to improve decision-making and reduce bias. Other examples include the use of predictive algorithms to identify criminals and the use of virtual reality in trials.

 Source: BBC – ‘Periscope trolls to face 'instant jury'

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