Community Supported Industry

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What? The Berkshire region in Massachusetts is experimenting with "Community Supported Industry" (CSI) to create support for small-scale industry and business that will bolster regional economies. An extension of the community supported agriculture (CSA) model, CSI essentially aims to re-localize and shrink production processes that have become large and globalized. The goal is to support local production for local consumption, using local resources, creating more jobs but not necessarily more "stuff".

So what? This weak signal is another example of a counter-trend to globalization (think artisanal production, local food, the maker movement, etc.) that could potentially strengthen in the future.  Although there will be many forces driving greater globalization, other factors (greater economic needs that are best met by pooling resources, a true sharing economy, etc.) may encourage coming together at the community level. One can imagine local hubs of production that are regionally networked, as needed.

Source: Schumacher Centre for a New Economics - Community Supported Industry

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